Shaiya Phoenix

Shaiya Phoenix

Battle the forces of Light and Darkness in this fantasy MMORPG


  • Huge amount of players
  • Solo or player vs. player options
  • Variety of different game modes available
  • Improved in-game economic system


  • Complicated for beginners to learn

Very good

Shaiya Phoenix is a free to play fantasy massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

If you were a fan of the classic Shaiya, you have the opportunity to return to that world in Shaiya Phoenix. You can opt to play a solo game as you immerse yourself in a war between Light and Dark forces, or else collaborate with other players.

Collaboration is one of the best aspects of Shaiya Phoenix, in that it allows players to more readily tackle larger and tougher monsters. Every time a challenge is won, your efforts are rewarded with new weapons and armor that will help strengthen your character's abilities to take on new challenges.

Shaiya Phoenix features new servers that are separate from the original Shaiya game, which helps avoid lagtime. Economic structure of the game has also been improved to avoid gold inflation and other imbalances in the in-game market.

Graphics in Shaiya Phoenix are good, as are fight physics. The ability to choose your own difficulty mode also makes the game more accessible to newcomers, although the sheer amount of information might overwhelm some at first. If you're a seasoned gamer looking for a challenge, Ultimate Mode is where you'll want to focus. That mode offers permanent death to up the ante.

Shaiya Phoenix is a fun game that will attract fans of the original Shaiya, as well as newcomers to fantasy MMORPGs.

Shaiya Phoenix


Shaiya Phoenix

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